Язык и тело: Где живут ваши ценности и стратегии

Ведущий: Александра Вильвовская
Если тело не захочет изменений, то «знаю и хочу» никогда не превратятся в «могу и делаю».

Тело не знает «может быть».

After initial crisis re-construction the center of Rotterdam has become the site of ambitious new architecture.

A brand in order to be relevant to consumers and sustainable over time must operate much like a culture.

The ways that vast empty spaces affect how you feel and how to spend your summer the Scandinavian way.

Learn how to get there, where to stay and how to have the best time.

Films are chosen in each category by a section director with the advice of a committee of film experts.

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.